Reparet Application - Home Repair and Improvement Services 

Reparet aims to create a marketplace for home owner users to quickly upload images/video of home repair issues in order for service providers to view and bid on.

The marketplace approach aims to save time for both parties by providing the means to attain a preliminary initial bid without the need for an initial in-person meetup estimation. Customers and Contractors/handyman Services Providers both save valuable time to see if the project will be a fit for both parties. Customers save money by attaining multiple bids from numerous contractors and seeing which service provider best suits their needs. Contractors can save time by quickly seeing which projects are available on the market place and bidding on them to see a customer is interested in their proposal.  By reducing the level of ambiguity from an initial estimate, service providers can also have the correct materials ready prior to actually making a visit. There are no middlemen, just the home owner and the contractors. 

Reparet allows users to compare prospective contractors for their home repair needs from the comfort of their smart phone without sacrificing time to look for a specialist or setup time for an in-person estimate. In turn, service providers/contractors can now have an aggregated list of all repair needs in their local market greatly reducing the marketing efforts required for their services, facilitating quicker turnaround, and streamlining their business and maximizing their profit. The app is free to use for both parties and Reparet only charges a commission if you choose to pay the contractor via the app. 

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